Getting your Class 4 Learners Licence

The first step towards getting your full Class 4 Unrestricted licence is to get that learners permit. 

You'll want to do some studying prior to sitting the test to get yourself feeling ready and in the best position to pass.

These are some great resources to help prepare for the exam:

"Driving Commercial Vehicles" - This manual is the main resource to use for preparing for your knowledge test. It is available online or if you prefer hard copy, it's available at all ICBC drivers licensing centres. On page 2 of the manual, there is a table that lists all the chapters that you'll need to look through to prepare for the Class 4 knowledge test.

ICBC Practice Test - Class 5 specific but great practice for road rules and sign identification.

Richmond Library Practice Test - Decent resource but shouldn't be the sole study resource as the phrasing of the multiple choice questions are quite simple and easy to memorize. The real test isn't so simple.

Commercial Driver HQ Practice Test - Another good resource but shouldn't be solely relied on for studying. 

Once you're feeling confident in your new class 4 knowledge, head into a ICBC driver licensing centre to attempt the exam. 

You'll want to bring with you: 
  • 2 pieces of accepted ID.
  • Any glasses or contacts needed for the vision test.
  • $15 fee for the theory test.

The 3 driving licensing offices in the sea to sky corridor are:

Whistler: 4370 Lorimer Rd #232, Whistler BC
Squamish: 1325 Pemberton Ave, Squamish BC
Pemberton: 1385 Birch Road, Pemberton BC

Once you've successfully passed your theory test, its time to get some practical training. Book yourself onto our Class 4 Unrestricted Full Course to begin your career as a professional driver.