Group Class 4 Unrestricted Pre-trip Training

Group Class 4 Unrestricted Pre-trip Training

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A huge responsibility of being a commercial driver is to ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready to be on the road.

The pre-trip inspection is done at the beginning of every shift and is a detailed examination of your vehicle condition, inside and out prior to driving. Not only are you ensuring that you and your passengers are safe, you’re protecting other road users as well.

During this session, you’ll learn our systematic approach to the pre-trip inspection.

  • Instructor demonstration of how to complete a thorough pre-trip inspection
  • Ample time to practice and ask questions throughout the lesson 
  • Emphasis on the safety behind why we do these inspections
  • Small group size to allow group learning outcomes 

We will provide you with: 

  • Detailed guide for Class 4 unrestricted pre-trip inspection 
  • List of commonly missed items on pre-trip inspection 
  • Safety equipment for inspection