Class 4 Unrestricted Commercial Driving Lesson in Pemberton

Class 4 Unrestricted Commercial Driving Lesson in Pemberton

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Driving passengers is a huge responsibility that many wish to take on. Every driver should put emphasis on safety and comfort while transporting passengers as a career. 

Our lessons are designed to elevate your driving to the next level. We focus on building observation skills and bringing safety to the forefront of every trip you drive. This begins with the pre-trip inspection and is followed through all the way until you drop off your passengers.  

  • One-on-one training with an experienced Class 4 trainer
  • Pre-trip demonstration with sheets to follow along
  • Time for student to go through the pre trip several times and highlight any difficulties or unknown sections of the vehicle 
  • Drive time to figure out where students need to focus attention

We will provide you with: 

  • Detailed guide for class 4 unrestricted pre-trip inspection (physical copy).
  • List of commonly missed items on pre-trip inspection.
  • Use of safety equipment for inspection.

We'll save you the commute to Whistler by meeting you up in Pemberton and conducting the lesson up there.